Name Everett's newest park for Emma S. Yule

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Deb Fox
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For too long Everett, Washington's streets and parks have been named for men, mostly white, and some who never set foot in the city.  Since Everett's founding in 1891, Emma Yule was a major player:  Everett's first teacher, first principal, and first female superintendent.  Yet nothing in the city honors her.  Now, finally a new park in Everett is being named (land the school district once owned) and here's an opportunity for Everett to honor one of its female founders.

You can HELP get a woman's name on Everett's map!  You can help get Emma S. Yule honored finally.  The opportunity to name a new park does not come up often, so write a letter to Everett City Council or sign this petition. 

Tell the city council what it means to finally honor this important woman in Everett's history!  Tell the city council what it says about a city that honors its deserving women.  Tell them what it means to value this primary educator.

Please, let's not let Emma's name get buried and forgotten.  Please write a letter add your name to this petition now.  Thank you.

For more background on Emma Yule: