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Name a Sequoia tree after the Founder of Girl Scouts, Juliette Gordon Low

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What things do you think of when you think of giant sequoias? Do you think of strength, stability, the environment, community, and pillars of our society? That is exactly what I thought of when my troop went to Sequoia National Park over this summer. Seeing all the trees named after historical figures that display all these qualities, we wondered why only three were named after influential women in history. Confused by this figure, we have dedicated ourselves to naming a tree after another historical and inspiring woman. Who better to name a tree after than Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouts of America?

            Juliette Gordon Low certainly shows all the qualities of the Sequoia trees as well as other historical figures such as George Washington, General Grant, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams.  They were all leaders who have earned their place in American History. While she was not a political leader for our country, she was very influential in her time and has established a long-lasting organization which inspires young women to be caring, helpful, courageous, strong, service- oriented, adventurous, confident leaders in their community.

            The three current trees dedicated to women are named after Clara Barton, Harriet Tubman, and Susan B. Anthony. These women represented the same principles as Juliette Gordon Low did, such as leadership, courage, helping others, and inspiring women. Clara Barton is influential because she founded the American Red Cross and did humanitarian work in a time when many women did housework. Harriet Tubman was strong and courageous in rescuing slaves during the 1800s and helping guide them to freedom. Susan B. Anthony started a successful movement to inspire women and gain legal and political equality in our nation. Juliette Gordon Low founded Girl Scout of America and inspired girls to get outside and actively helping in their communities. Our reasoning for naming a tree after her goes beyond simply naming another tree after a woman, but naming a tree after a person who has started a progressive movement in our country and can be looked up to as we look up to the sequoia trees in admiration of their strength and beauty.

            Naming a tree after Juliette Gordon Low would commemorate all she has done to inspire girls and women around the world to help others, reach achievements, and better themselves for over 100 years. A named tree could also become a destination for Girl Scouts to visit the park and get outdoors. With women’s increasingly important roles in society, we feel that another tree named after a woman is important for the park and our country. Her legacy is still alive and continuing to grow through the lives of millions of young girls and women around the world, and will continue to inspire future generations.

Our troop is in the process of reaching out to the National Park Service and   members Congress to name a sequoia after Juliette Gordon Low. Supporting our petition will show that you support our cause.

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