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Please port Tekken Tag Tournament 2 to PSVita and/or 3DS.

Right now the fighting game scene is getting more and more support from the videogame industry, and developers are free to port the exact same fighting game to systems like the 3DS and the PSVita, just a little bit downscaled but the feel is the same. Like in the 3DS we have Super Street Fighter 4 and the very same Tekken Prime 3D, a proof that Namco Bandai can do a great job in the system. Or in the Vita we already have Street Fighter X Tekken, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Dead or Alive 5. So why don't they enter to that competition?

Even in past generations Namco could develop a very decent Tekken for the portable systems of past generations. Like Tekken 6 and Dark Resurrection for the PSP. Just do it!!!

Please share. We have to let them know they are making a great choice.

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