Stop Sexual and Gender-Based Violence . A Call to Action!

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The rate of sexual and gender-based violence in Kenya is increasing dramatically year on year.  In 2016, national statistics show that 22,732 cases of sexual violence were reported to the police in Kenya. Of these, 235 incidents took place in Nakuru County. Since 2014 more than 2000 cases of sexual attacks have been reported.

Even more worrying are the statistics of survivors of domestic violence who remain silent and don’t report such cases.  Our research shows that when victims try and report attacks, the police are often unwilling to document their complaint or initiate an investigation. And if the police decide to investigate it, most cases collapse due to lack of evidence and because most witnesses don't want to testify.

When gender desks were introduced at police stations it was seen as a move towards the right direction in curbing the high rates of sexual and gender-based violence. But recent research has shown that most of these gender desks are often occupied by male police officers. Male police often fail to understand and document what is happening to female victims, and it is women who often bear the biggest brunt of this form of violence.

Therefore, we are calling on residents of Nakuru town and Kenyans to sign a petition to be presented to the Nakuru Gender County Government Office and Nakuru police County Coordinator to seek the establishment of gender desks in local police stations  with a trained female police, especially in counseling to encourage reporting of sexual and gender based violence cases.