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Legalize Gay Marriages and educate LGBT+ Rights in Malaysia

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As Malaysia slowly develops into a better nation, Malaysians should also be educated that being part of the LGBT+ community does not make them any less of a human being. Individuals of the LGBT+ community should earn equal rights as heterosexuals and cis-gendered individuals. How would it make any logical sense when it is up to heterosexuals to decide whether their 'foreign' or 'peculiar' sexuality is a choice? Why should it be the Malaysian government's decision to declare homosexuality a 'disease'? Whether homosexuality, bisexuality, transgender identities (and other LGBT+ sexuality) are a choice or not, what harm could it possibly inflict on other individuals?

I have bumped into countless of LGBT+ individuals, that I believe shouldn't be discriminated, live in fear/anxiety and deserve to lead a manageable and simple life, provided with basic human rights. Countless of murderers, rapists and criminals in general are on the loose, committing far worse crimes, potentially harming others, yet somehow, individuals with different sexual orientations or/and having gender identities that differs from their assigned sex are the main focus.

Malaysia is a Muslim-majority country, and a nation of diverse individuals. However, why should it put LGBT+ Non-Muslims' human rights on a halt. With further research being conducted, it should all start by educating citizens that homosexuality is not a contagious disease carried out by gay pathogens, but just having a sexual preference for the same gender, in which I strongly believe that there are far worse problems in which we need to shine more light on.

Would it make sense when rapists and abusers are sentenced to imprisonment on an average of 10 years, while homosexuals that were caught having consensual  sexual intercourse are imprisoned up to twenty years and possible whipping?

Individuals of the LGBT+ community tend to receive unnecessary discrimination on a daily basis, due to the negative light Malaysia has shone on the community. LGBT+ individuals are being bullied over being someone they did not choose to be. Though some LGBT+ individuals may not be discriminated, there is a possible chance of them living in a metaphorical cell where they can't be themselves. Baby steps into being more accepting LGBT+ individuals are encouraged. As the Malaysian Parliament holds the power, it is up to them to educate Malaysians about the LGBT+ community, widening their view and leaving what society has generalized behind. 

Being a homosexual Muslim, I believe that my Islamic beliefs shouldn't hold back other LGBT+ individuals from happiness. 

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