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Najib Razak and the Election Commission of Malaysia (EC): We do not recognize you as PM. Resign now. We want a new EC and a re-election.

1. Increasing evidence amidst various reports are showing unprecedented electoral fraud in the just-concluded 2013 General Election. Your appointment as the 7th PM of Malaysia is not the choice of the majority of Malaysians as shown by the results of the popular vote. You should resign immediately.

2. The Election Commission has failed to ensure a clean, free and fair election process. The entire commission should resign so that new commissioners who enjoy public confidence should be appointed to replace them.

3. We want a re-election.


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Letter to
Barisan Nasional Najib Razak
Election Commission of Malaysia Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof and all EC members
We do not recognize you as Prime Minister, resign now.

We have no faith in the present Election Commission, resign now. We want a new Election Commission that's truly independent from the Government of the day.

We do not recognize the results of the recently concluded 2013 General Election. We want a re-election conducted by a new, independent Election Commission.

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