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Kenyan Supermarkets - Provide Paper Bags for your Customers.

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Dear TUSKYS, NAIVAS, UCHUMI and all other Similar Establishments,

I hope you are keeping well.

Me I'm ok, except for one small issue.

You see, I happen to be the Chief Shopper in my house, which means I shop once, twice, sometimes three times a week.

That's at least 8 times a month.

Problem is, most times I just can't seem to remember to carry a Kikapu.

So, I shop and shop and shop, and then I get to the cashier and I'm like...wololo..

And then the guy at the counter says; "Hauna bag? Kuna za 10 bob, 20 bob, na 50 bob. Nipige gani?"

Then I look at my shopping and I'm like "Just give me the one for 50 bob."

So now in my house I have like 20 of your bags, and 3 unused Vikapus.

And I have a question.

That guy in your organization who used to provide plastic paper bags for our shopping, what does he do now? Is he still there? Ama you fired him?

If he's still there, could you ask him to give us brown paper bags? Like the ones Uchumi used to have in the 80's? I don't think the people at NEMA banned them?

I'm just wondering. And thinking that whoever does this, I'll be at their doorstep next Saturday, pap!

And I think we're many. So please think about it and revert.

(Nakumatt, poleni sana by the way. Tell us when you come out of ICU we pitia).

Yours Truly,

Your Soon-to-be-Committed Customer

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