NAIT to Follow U of A and MacEwans Online Class Initiative

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As of March 19, COVID-19 has now spread to over 130,000+ people across the world and has resulted in almost 5000 deaths and nationwide lockdowns.  With cases continuing to rise, within 8 days after the first diagnosed case in Alberta, the confirmed cases have totalled up to 39.  Actions need to be taken proactively, and not as a response to further outbreaks as by then it will be too late.  When looking overseas one can see how rapidly this virus can spread and the damage it can cause.  The WHO has announced the COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic and needs to be taken seriously.  

Studies have shown that the virus can lay dormant in your system for 11.5 days.  An individual who has been infected with the virus can spread the virus on various surfaces where it can live for up to three days where others can come in contact with it.  Not only is this very dangerous for all the shared spaces such as classrooms, computer labs, eating areas, but it also puts a large number of students who take public transportation at unneeded risk.  

As students, our studies are one of our top priorities.  However, with how rapidly this virus can spread due to the incubation period and being able to stay active without a host, actions need to be taken to ensure COVID-19 cases are kept to a minimum not only at NAIT, but within Edmonton and Alberta.  By continuing to ask students to attend classes, we are increasing the risk of exposure to not only to fellow NAIT students but also, loved ones and co-workers.  We know the risks that COVID-19 possesses to those who suffer from certain medical conditions can be fatal and we must act now to reduce all possibilities of this virus spreading more.  If we wait until the first reported case at NAIT it will be too late, and others will have brought the virus home and elsewhere.  Finances have to be put aside and we need to look at the vulnerable position NAIT is putting its students in by staying open.

We ask Dr. Ray D. Block, President and CEO of NAIT to follow the initiative that has been taken by University of Alberta, MacEwan, recreational centers, event organizers, and other organizations to close the campus to stop the spread of this virus and preemptively protect us.  

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