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Community Education & Support for Fibromyalgia, ME & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Hello Mayor Nenshi, 

We are hoping that with your support, you can help us build a momentum to improve the standards of community education regarding medical conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). 

Those who live with these conditions suffer greatly. They face countless obstacles and financial hardships due to the lack of training and funding in our medical system. More times than not, patients are met with a dead end and the shameful stigma, “it’s all in your head”.

Those who suffer from these conditions are bed ridden, can not live a healthy normal life and never know from moment to the next what may or may not trigger a painful flare-up from activity or food they have enjoyed days or a weeks prior.

We need your help! We need more education and training of our doctors, nurses and medical professionals.

We desperately need more specialists!!! We need more community education and sensitivity training. To date, Western Canada has one doctor specializing in these fields and is current on leave for 6 months. 

People are suffering in silence as they are shamed into believing that they are in control of these conditions. They are debilitating, exhausting, frustrating and extremely terrifying conditions to live through. 

One Fibromyalgia sufferer has been recorded to say, “I understand why victims that are tortured beg for death, when I live in a body that rejects me”. After recently suffering a kidney infection that had brought them into one of our hospitals here in Calgary, they were made to sit in the waiting room in agony for 7 hours before a doctor dismissed their symptoms and sent them home. Without pain management or antibiotics. Once they disclosed that they suffer from Fibromyalgia, they were made to feel like their intentions for pain relief were questionable and then denied. 

It happens ALL THE TIME! Please help us!! 

We need to raise awareness. We need to educate our medical professionals so that they can be better resources for patients. 

Please help us! Patients are people who need care. That’s what we are asking for your support in. Caring enough to petition a change and educational reform of these illnesses. 

When people are already suffering so greatly, it would be nice to know that our family, friends, neighbours and medical community support us, instead of shaming us! 


Help us bring this to Parliaments attention! Canadians suffer daily.... with Fibromyalgia, ME or Chronic Fatigue. Why is this number of those that suffer not enough to pay more doctors to specialize in this field!? To help them regain a quality of life worth living again??

These people were hard working, contributing members of society who live in a society that rejects them based on ignorance. Please help us create more education in our medical offices and hospitals. 

I recently met with some people, who also suffer. They can no longer afford to support themselves and have been denied financial aid! They are broken, homeless and disabled. It is NOT okay to treat sick people like this! 


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