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Ban polystyrene foam from being used by Calgary food vendors

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Polystyrene foam is a non-recyclable form of plastic that continues to be used by many food vendors in Calgary. Considering the variety of compostable and recyclable packaging options that are available to food vendors, there is no reasonable excuse for the ongoing use of polystyrene foam.

Aside from polystyrene foam contributing to our ever-growing landfills, the chemicals contained in the foam leach toxins when exposed to heat. These toxins (such as benzene and styrene) have been linked to things like cancer, neurological issues, headaches, depression, fatigue, and more. In addition, due to being so lightweight, polystyrene foam is easily picked up by the wind and dispersed on land and in waterways where it kills animals who ingest it. 

While it is always better to use recyclable materials instead of non-recyclable materials, it's important to note that there are still many costly environmental impacts pertaining to the use of  recyclable paper and plastic packaging. The best way to help the environment is to bring your own reusable containers to have your fast-food packaged in. Other forms of polystyrene such as plastic cutlery and plastic coffee lids are also not recyclable, and since it has been very difficult for most cities to ban these items due to the lack of alternatives, the use of reusable cutlery and drink containers is highly recommended.

There are many good reasons to ban polystyrene foam, and aside from saving vendors a little money, there is no good reason to allow it. 

We can do better as Calgarians. Lets set an example for the rest of Canada. Please sign this petition to ban polystyrene foam!

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