Truth about social services, things need to change,

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I feel that social services have failed me and my children because I feel I wasn’t given the chance for my children to come back to me. I did everything that was asked of me and was working with the nspcc company also know as (lift team). The first assessment that came back was negative. But when I received the report, I straighten up my life and followed everything that they asked me to do. I then had another assessment which came back all positive, and each member of the court had said I made significant change. But then they said I would need the court time frame because the case is held in the court for 26 weeks. But my case in fact ran on longer than 26 weeks. Every week on Tuesdays for 8 month I was attending women group in the family group justice where I was having regular mouth swab test and urine test also I was attending maple clinic in mayday hospital every two weeks where I would have the same drug test done. Not at anytime did the tests ever come back with any other drug other than cannabis. I've never taken any other drug but cannabis. They then told me I must do a hair strand test which came back with all kind of different drugs which I have never ever taken in my life. And because of that 1 fraudulent hair strand test my 2 days old baby was taken from me. But I wasn't smoking. I had stopped smoking cannabis October 26 last year but they didn't believe me, Even when I was I still having regular tests done, and my baby was tested in the hospital all negative. 
I feel the system has failed me and it’s not right. If breaking up family home lives and not supporting single parents and struggling families with the help and support they need when their children are return back into their family home, is not what the social services are suppose to do then there is a problem with the care system. Theres a lot of untruthful statements and I have the evidence to support them. They also relay on a hair strategy test which isn't accurate and I also have evidence to support that too. I love my children and it hurts me daily that I am missing out on their life. My children have never been at any risk of harm or abuse and I always did the best for my children and I’m going to fight to the end. I’m sure I’m not the only person that this has happened to and I want my story to be out there and heard so if anyone else has been in or is in the process of this happening so we all know we are not alone and that it needs to be addressed some way some how. 

I have been undergoing support from professional help which also supports my statement and evide

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