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Sherif Gaber, Egyptian activist and change maker. at 2013, he got attacked by his professor, expelled from school, and was arrested for defending homosexual people as his professor was telling the students that homosexuality is a mental illness and homosexuals should either go to a mental hospital or be killed. After spending a year in prison, Sherif was able to get out by paying a fine. Oddly enough, about a year later, his professor got 4 years in prison for being involved in a terrorist group.

Sherif started to increasingly question his religion. He enlightened himself and a lot of people throughout his journey. Sherif was never offesnsive to anyone. He simply wanted people to think for themselves rather than just being followers. On his Facebook account, he constantly reminds people to love each other and that religion is not worth fighting and killing people for. All he wanted is peace, justice, and a society filled of free, fearless, and independent thinkers.

He refused to leave Egypt because he believed that his message will be stronger and more relatable if he was in the same boat with his target audience. Despite living in fear, nightmares, and constant threats, he continued his "film making and change making". His YouTube videos received Millions of views and his impact on the society was undeniable. Hundereds of thousands of people took him as an inspiration and role model of braveness. He sometimes used sarcasm to deliver his thoughts, which was considered an offesnsive crime that is corrupting the society.

On March 31, 2018: he was charged crimes of assaulting the Islamic religion and had no choice but to leave his homeland. Unfortunately, on May 1st, 2018 as he was trying to leave, he got arrested at Cairo's Airport. This time he might spend 5 years in prison, or even get assassinated. Simply for his opposing thoughts to some terrorism-promoting religious beliefs.

I feel ashamed for living in a world that allows such injustice to happen.
Please don't let this pass, do something, sign this petition, help us find a humans rights lawyer, protest, or anything that you feel might help. 

Look up Sherif Gaber on YouTube, Facebook, or Pateron if you want to learn more about his message.






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