Naati CCL Punjabi Test Unpredictable high Speed of Audio, raised the stress during exam.

Naati CCL Punjabi Test Unpredictable high Speed of Audio, raised the stress during exam.

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Avtar Singh started this petition to Voula Messimeri AM (Chair, Board of Director) and

Respected, Mark Painting, (CEO Naati)

                          Voula Messimeri AM, (Chair)

                          Giuseppe (Pino) Migliorino AM, (Deputy Chair)

                          Mitra Khakbaz, (Board of Directors)

                          Jacqueline Seidel, Operations and Support Team Leader |  National

                          Office, National Accreditation Authority for Translators and                                          Interpreters Ltd

Hello, we hope you all are well

We are writing a Petition to you because we are facing an issue regarding Naati CCL Punjabi Test. On the 05th of March 2019, at 01:00 pm, we have given the exam on various Naati exam centres in Australia. Everyone was excited because they prepared well, in which they have to translate English in Punjabi language and Punjabi in the English language and Punjabi Language is Mother tongue. In which there were 2 dialogues, and contained approximately 12 segments. It was nearly 15 minutes exam.

However, in this test, the speed of Punjabi Speaker was made fast deliberately. We believe that this test can’t be said an interpretation test at all until unless an interpreter is not able to grab any information from the speaker. The test seemed like a quiz-show or was more inclined towards testing short-term memory of students. The English speaker was speaking at a natural pace that can be said a genuine way of delivering dialogue. This test forced the students to violate the code of ethics of the interpretation where information was not being delivered accurately after listening to the audio. So, this unexpected way of delivering the test raised the stress level or nervousness in many students. While giving the exam candidates shocked, stressed and were not able to do the exam properly. Because of the exam was not up to the mark and it was not meet the exam specification. Candidates were disappointed and were not give their best because of the issue in Naati Audio format.

Furthermore, candidates complained about this whole issue and we all got email from Jacqueline Seidel (Operations and Support Team Leader | National Office Naati) and they accepted the mistake in audio and apologised and they promised they will take care of that because of exam candidates were not able to do their best and Naati will ask the examiner to mark the exam accordingly.

Now, the issue is that some candidates are not successful in passing the exam and they are getting a negative result. So, we all need justice for those students because it was the mistake with Audio in the exam of Naati CCL Punjabi exam which was also accepted by Naati in Writing and it is not fair with candidates because Naati is at fault by providing faulty audio in the exam. On the other hands, if candidates stressed in 15 minutes exam because of an issue in Audio, how can we expect that the candidate can handle the stress level and how can candidate complete the exam correctly. There is no relation between a delivering good exam v/s issue in audio v/s stress level because of wrong audio.


Words by Naati via Email to Candidates

NAATI acknowledges that the recorded material which you were assigned on Tuesday, unfortunately, did not meet our specifications, and for that, we apologise.  We note the material could have caused an increase in requests for repeats, self-corrections, a higher risk of omissions and distortions, and could have caused distress amongst candidates.  We have taken steps to ensure that such an error does not occur again.


In view of issues outlined above, we are requesting to you please either give them another chance to sit in the exam again FREE OF COST or Naati can give them passing marks at least 63 out of 90. Otherwise, we have to take the help of court and take legal action against the Naati because we have faith in Australian Law.

In the last, the $800 fee for an Exam is a very big amount for international students, and it's not fair with applicants by providing negative result because they have faith in you and they trust you. That's the reason many students give the Naati CCL exam. They are doing hard work to achieve the goal but it becomes an emotional situation when they have to face the problem because of the issue in Audio. We hope you can understand the situation and give the appropriate solution to those applicants who faced the problem.

We shall be very thankful to you.

Thank You

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