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NAACP: Support the Appeal for Marissa Alexander

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A Call to Action: Free Marissa Alexander!

Last year, Marissa Alexander a 31-year old mother from Florida, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for trying to defend herself from her abusive husband. In a window of opportunity during her husband’s physical attack on her, she fired a single warning shot towards the ceiling to prevent him from continuing the assault. Although Alexander tried to call upon self-defense and Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law, ultimately, on May 11, 2012, the mother of a toddler and 11-year-old twin boys was found guilty of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. It took the jury 12 minutes to convict her.

We are asking that the NAACP, as one of the leading organizations that galvanizes on the behalf of people of color, gather their best and brightest lawyers to assist with the appeal effort for Marissa Alexander. This would have the following impact:

  • Add to the damning evidence that the Stand Your Ground law continues to be arbitrarily applied based on race

  • Give Marissa Alexander a different courtroom, and therefore a judge willing to apply the Stand Your Ground law as it was originally intended (and in the same way it was used to allow George Zimmerman to avoid conviction)

  • Take one more step in a cross-racial effort that challenges institutional racism against people of color

Although news of her trial and conviction trickled in slowly, it had done so quietly and in the shadow of Trayvon Martin’s case. But in mourning the unjust murder of our dead, we must also fight against the unrightful imprisonment of our living. The opportunity to challenge Stand Your Ground’s unbalanced application remains - as does the opportunity to secure justice for a young mother.

Here are two ways to show the NAACP - and the District Attorney - that there are people who care about getting justice for Marissa Alexander:

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  • Like this Facebook page, and encourage your friends to take a stand with you!

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