Freedom from wrongful conviction

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It has been 7 years since David Damus has been falsely and wrongfully convicted out of the only black man out of a rendevue gone wrong. Back in July of 2013, Victoria Rios was to have met with the victim Eric Roopnarine to have sex to pay her rent, Juan Muriel was the driver of the vehicle that belonged for 15 year old, Konrad Schaefer’s father on that night. Juan Muriel previously knew the victim via Facebook and came across a post about an apparent sum the victim received. A few days earlier Konrad's father bought his son a gun and Konrad was going around pointing the loaded gun at people including David Damus. One night David Damus and Juan Muriel waited for Konrad to fall asleep and confiscated the gun and gave it to Konrad's father for safe keeping after explaining what Konrad had been doing with it. So on the night of the murder no one knew there was a gun in the car except Konrad Schafer who put it there after his father gave it back to him. David Damus and Juan Muriel confiscated the rifle from Konrad and brought it to his father claiming for the father to put the rifle somewhere Konrad would not find it because he was acting irresponsibly. A few nights later on the night of the murder, Juan, Victoria, and Konrad picked up David Damus from work at the tattoo shop he worked at which was on the way to Eric Roopnarines house. David Damus was the tenant of the apartment that he originally shared with Juan Muriel. Juan Muriel allowed his girlfriend Victoria Rios to live with them in the apartment at the end of June 2013. David Damus was always busy working as a security at hospital or as a tattoo apprentice to earn money to pay rent. David Damus had to pay 3 months rent himself since Juan and the others never pitched in their sum for rent since Juan Muriel had a record that stopped him from being able to work. The night of July 2013, Juan and Victoria told David they were making a stop before home after picking him up. Apparently the stop was at Eric Roopnarines home. David remained in the car until Victoria asked him if she could borrow his phone since she didn’t have one so that when she was done she could call them on Juan’s phone to pick her up. David lent her his phone, and she also asked David to accompany her as an escort to Eric Roopnarines to speak with him because Eric wanted a couple of his friends to also participate in the sex act. David got out the car and walked her to the door While Juan and Konrad remained in the car Eric Opened the door and greeted David and Victoria while inviting both inside. David remained at the doorway and was telling the promoter about his tattoo business when suddenly the bell rang and Victoria turned to answer. David looked through his peripheral and Konrad barged in pointing the rifle that was thought to have been in his fathers possession. Konrad shoved past David with a rifle in his hand and pointed it at Eric while pushing the victim further into the living room. David and Victoria kept shouting at Konrad to leave the house repeatedly David immediately ran outside to try and locate Juan whom was supposed to be in the car waiting on him so they could go home. But as soon as David ran outside Juan and the car was nowhere to be found. David ran up and down the block. He reached in his pocket and realized Victoria had his phone. Juan finally appeared and drove back to the victims home, when they got there, Victoria approached the car and asked them “do you want to see a dead body?”. Juan left the car and went inside while David remained in the car in shock. David Damus was not even present at the time when Eric was killed by Konrad Schaefer. A few nights later they came to the apartment all 4 shared and David Damus was arrested. Jeff Ashton whom worked previously with Casey Anthony, repeatedly insinuated that David Damus was more likely to have killed Eric because he was “black and big boned”and that Konrad Schaefer seemed “too dainty and weak” for his age to have been the one to hold his own fathers gun to Eric Roopnarine’s head. None of the evidence matched to David Damus’ DNA or near the body of Eric Roopnarine. Konrad admitted to committing the murder because he “did it for fun” while David Damus never spoke 1 word on the prosecution tape because he never wanted anyone to die nor did he take any part in the death of the victim. The DNA matched Konrad Schaefer’s and the Prosecutor confiscated David Damus’ tattoo gear and equipment box along with latex gloves found in the trash of David’s home that was previously used on a customer. The prosecutor attempted to argue and pin the murder on David claiming that David used latex gloves to have done the murder as cause or reason for his fingerprints not being on the gun or knife. There was no DNA matching to Eric Roopnarine on the latex gloves that David used to tattoo in his apartment and the jury found him  wrongly guilty in what the others planned that David did not know of. David is facing life in prison and was charged back in 2013, when he never took both his hands to have murdered anyone! The system failed his innocence and instead allowed for wrongful and false conviction and lack of evidence to falsely impersonate David Damus for what he was completely against! David Damus was sentenced to life without parole for a murder he did not commit while the murderer, Konrad,  gets parole after 25 years despite having committed a double murder with another individual a few days prior to Eric’s death. David Damus was unjustly and unfairly sentenced life for the murder that Konrad committed! Juan Muriel then cooperated with the state to attempt to frame and commit David for murder that he did not commit! Juan Muriel has more to do with this than David Damus and even wrote a statement to the state claiming that David had nothing to do with the murder that the prosecutor did not allow the jury to read as part of evidence! Juan is getting out of prison in 2022 after admitting he was the mastermind behind the plot of robbing Eric while David and his family has been framed and failed by the judicial system of America! Even the prosecutor Jeff Ashton admitted during a news interview that he couldn't conclude or prove that David committed the murder. This judicial system has failed David Damus like it has failed countless other black men. It's up to us to stand for a change and say enough is enough. All David Damus and his family is asking for is another trial. His first lawyer was Augustus Sol Invictus ( a white supremacists who eventually was arrested with kidnapping and warrant) although no one knew at the time of David’s  trial but now that it has come out David's previous lawyer was a self proclaimed white nationalist who was the main speaker at unite the right rallies, including the deadly rally at Charlottesville where a racist drove his car into a crowd of protesters. Everyone deserves a fair trial that is the promise every citizen of this country is given but the system does not keep it's promise when dealing with black people! Please sign this petition to allow for another trial for David Damus and to allow for true freedom and true justice be given unto David Damus as the only Black man to bear the heaviest of the burden of white lies matter placed on him ! Black lives matter and the truth we have prayed to God for will be prevailed!