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I want Justice for my husband his civil rights were violated

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I am reaching out to the world because this can happen to anyone this can be your brother,father,cousin,uncle I watched my husband be taken away from me more than once due to officers not doing there job what I witness was his Miranda rights not being read while placed under arrest, he went to trial with his case and he didn't receive a fair trial while the officers lied on the stand jokingly about what had happened the night they arrested him they also told him they were tired of being called back to the apartment complex so someone had to go to jail instead of getting the ones that caused all this chaos they took my husband away we had a group of 20 people outside our apartment ready to jump us we were new to the neighborhood so we didn't know anyone this by the way happened July 10 of 2013 and I'm here to say I've been fighting this case with my husband my daughter was hit in the face rocks and dirt was thrown at us it was the worst 4th of July I experienced this also lasted about a week the name calling and threats to me and my family kind of scary I know and that's how we felt when all of this was happening to us I just want Justice for my husband Michael Allen Channel Sr.  The more I try to get paperwork from downtown being my husband's power of attorney I get the run around no one wants to help so can we please get some outside help in this matter here in Phoenix, Arizona Maricopa County my husband has been through so many lawyers he so tired because they won't do their job correctly I try helping but it's not enough thank you for your time whoever read this I really appreciate it Nicole Channel.

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