Arsène, we're sorry

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Dear Arsène

As Arsenal fans we would like to sincerely apologise for the unfair criticism, negativity and abuse that you received from some fans during your time as Arsenal manager. 

You are a good man, a great man who we respect enormously, and you deserved so much better than some of the treatment that you received from some ‘supporters’ of the club to which you have given almost a quarter of a century of your life.  We are truly sorry that you had to experience this kind if thing and that at times your job, and life, must have been made harder than it could, and should have been.

We want you to know that we greatly admire the dignity with which you handled this and the way you always put the club before yourself.  We know that you could have left us many times in the past for clubs with greater resources and made life easier for yourself, but you didn’t; you put Arsenal first and stayed loyal in ways that others didn’t always themselves out of love for our club, and for this we truly thank you. 

We really hope that you do not feel bad because of some of our behaviour ; perhaps we are a greedy, underserving lot at times who just grew too accustomed to the outrageous success that you yourself brought us in your early years.  In our heart of hearts we wish you could have always been Arsenal manager, overcoming the odds (and money) and delivering continual success with your seemingly never ending reserves of humility, honor and positivity about our club and what it could be, while never blaming those around you nor resorting to lumping it upfield or begging some super rich sugar daddy for another few hundred million every time something went wrong.  With you leading the team, matches often felt like a battle between good and evil, and victories always meant more because it felt like we were doing things the 'right' way. 

Although this is not meant to be, we know that whatever Arsenal acheive in the future will have been assisted by the great, tireless and selfless work you have done for us in your time as manager and that any future success will have been made more likely as a consequence of your great service to our club.

Know that whichever team you manage in the future, you will have millions of us gooners behind you adopting whoever it is as our second team too.  Feel free to use this fact in future contract negotiations with whoever it is!

Although we know that there is no way to repay you or even adequately thank you for all you have done for our club, we offer you this little song (it's not much), Arsenal So Beautiful ; for although Arsenal had class, pride, soul and tradition before you joined us, it was you who made Arsenal beautiful and transformed the way we were viewed in footballing terms 

And we hope that one day you really will join us in the stands at the Emirates (which we all believe should be renamed after you as you did practically build the place after all) and that we can shout at the referee, the fourth official, and perhaps even the guy who replaces you, together. Because you are one of us now, as clearly you always have been. Rest assured that as many glasses of wine you care to drink will be on us. 

Until then, farewell Arsène.

We will miss you too.


Arsenal fans everywhere

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