Telco's supporting Online Scammers

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It has been widely reported that Telco's are providing a platform for Companies such as Mia Sphere Live to scam thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting consumers out of their hard earned money. Unfortunately, nothing has changed and its time that something does. I am another victim of this fraud and have been charged for 1300 phone calls at a rate of $9.99 that I have never made. These calls have been recorded on my Optus account every 7 days at the same or approximate time of 7:35am (see image above)

Thus far, I have reported this to Optus who, at this stage, have been very helpful. I have also reported this to The N.S.W Ombudsman as well as the ACCC and have sent this story to channel 9's ACA to see if they might be able to help change the law to stop third party billing scams and shut down these "Modern day Pick Pockets" from accessing your hard earned cash.

Petition goal

1. Make it illegal for Telcos to provide Third Party Billing.

2. Any company or business wishing to provide a service must receive the explicit authority directly from the customer that they wish to provide that service to and have it confirmed in writing in the form of an email or letter from the customer.

Please sign this petition cause it maybe "YOU" that gets scammed next.

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