The N.F.Y.O. Bill

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N.F.Y.O. Bill

     We are all aware of the epidemic that is facing our veteran community. This epidemic has taken the lives of our heroes and has forever changed the familial spectrum. Veteran suicides have gotten the attention of our lawmakers but that is not enough. When a VA registered veteran experiences an immediate life-threatening mental health crisis, using other Department of Veteran Affairs Facilities or non-network Department of Veteran Affairs mental health care facilities becomes a costly and time-consuming ordeal. VA registered veterans who attempt to use a nonprimary Veteran Affairs Facility or a non-network Department of Veteran Affairs mental healthcare facility during one of these crises, are often denied care until the proper paperwork is received. Additionally, VA registered veterans who use non-network mental healthcare facilities are responsible for one hundred percent of the cost. This lengthy and costly process places additional mental and financial hardship on the veteran which pushes many to their breaking point

     The N.F.Y.O. Bill can change that. Our proposed bill will amend H.R. 918, Veterans' Urgent Access to Mental Healthcare Act of 2017. We believe that these areas of concern can be addressed with the passage of the Veterans’ Urgent Access to Mental Health Care Act of 2017 Amendment which will allow VA registered veterans experiencing an immediate life-threatening mental health crisis to visit any non-primary Department of Veteran Affairs Facility or non-Department of Veteran Affairs Facility without the immediate need of tedious paperwork, approval, and financial burden. 

     This will allow our veterans to get the around the clock care that many of them so desperately need. This bill will give our veterans the opportunity and the chance to live a normal life. Please help this veteran make this a reality.