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North Coast Earth First! Media April 2009 Update
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North Coast Earth First!  No Compromise in the Defense of Mother Earth!

April 2009
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:: Hurwitz To Face Fraud Charges
:: Ideablob Contest Extended!
:: Earth First! Needs Your Support!
:: NCEF! Media

Hello Friends!

In the midst of economic collapse, Earth First!
continues to exist and resist!  As we approach the
summer of 2009, campaigns to change the
destructive practices of clearcutting and herbicide use
are building up steam!It looks like some ripples are catching up with Charles
Hurwitz and Maxxam Corporation, too, read on....


Hurwitz To Face Fraud Charges

Maxxam CEO May Have To Pay
Charles Hurwitz, CEO of Maxxam Corporation and
former owner of Pacific Lumber Co.(PL), is set to face
a jury trial in Oakland, CA, starting on April 20th,

The plaintiffs in the case are Richard Wilson, a state
Department of Forestry director who approved PL's so-
called "Sustained Yield Plan," and Chris Maranto, the
state forester who detected the alleged fraud.

The lawsuit revolves around the Headwaters Deal of
1999, and certain documents that were submitted to
push the deal through.
The political climate is perfect for bringing corporate
fraudsters to justice, in the context of the current
economic crisis the world is in.  The culprits are being
identified, and the new public enemy #1 is wearing a
corporate business suit.  Even the mainstream media
can't resist pointing the finger at the corporate
criminals responsible for our current
recession/depression, and the idea of Maxxam/Pacific
Lumber committing fraud is well within reason,
considering their record of lawlessness and

Read the article in the San Francisco Chronicle -


Ideablob Contest Extended!

Help us win $10,000!

The contest has been extended,
through the September 30th, 2009!  That means that
we have seven opportunities to win $10,000, one
chance per month.  All we need is a lot of votes for our
idea, which is North Coast Earth First! Media.

Registration is fast and free, then you can vote for our
project, leave some feedback, and help us reach the
final run-off for the monthly prize!

We can make it to the run-offs by getting a lot of votes,
overall, or by getting a lot of votes in a short amount of
time, known as the "sprint rating."  Our overall rating is
91%, at the time of this writing, so we're doing very
well already!  We just need more people participating,
so feel free to share the link on your Facebook and/or
other social networking sites, your blogs, and e-

With a bit of focus, I believe we have a shot at winning,
so please vote now and spread the word!  We could
do a LOT with that kind of support, and it would last a
very long time, since we're used to working on a
shoestring budget and could stretch it out with t-shirts
and other Earth First! merchandise.  Vote now!  Earth

Vote for NCEF! Media Now! -


Earth First! Needs Your Support!


There are lots of ways to help support the North Coast
Earth First! movement!

We have 100% organic cotton, made in the USA, t-
shirts on the home page of our website,

( ).  We're asking a $20 donation
for the shirts, available in women's and men's cut,
with free shipping!

We also have a donations page on our website,
where you can make one-time donations via PayPal,
or sign up for automatic monthly donations, starting at
just $1/month, for more long-term support.

You'll also find our snail mail address, if you prefer to
send checks, money orders, or other forms of support,
such as sleeping bags, climbing gloves, tarps, and
non-perishable food.

Last but not least, there's an affiliate programs page,
where you can help Earth First! in your everyday life of
buyings songs from iTunes, electronics, green living
goods, and Netflix.  All of these options can be easily
located from the home page of our website.

Visit the North Coast Earth First! Website -


NCEF! Media


North Coast Earth First! (NCEF!) Media is an
independent media outlet, as well as a contact and
support center for activists.  We make videos, answer
phone inquiries and e-mail, do interviews for
newspapers, radio stations, television programs
worldwide, and student projects.

NCEF! Media also maintains the website, a Yahoo!
group/listserver, e-mail updates (like this one), an
iTunes podcast, and several internet video sites and
services.  Responding to questions and criticism is
also part of our mission, as well as moderating
comment boards for all-age access; in other words,
profanity and name-calling are not allowed on our
comment boards, to keep the debate clean and family-

The NCEF! Media project runs rent-free, in donated
space, yet still has phone, DSL, and pager bills to
maintain, so we could really use your help.  The more
support we receive, the less time we have to spend on
fundraising, so please do what you can and then
forward this e-mail far and wide!  Earth First!

Visit our Videos Page -


Thanks so much for all your love and support!

As the corporate world crumbles, the Earth First!
movement continues to rise.  How long have we been
saying that the corporate model cannot last?  It seems
that many elements of an unsustainable system are
coming unraveled, and it will be up to the people of the
Earth to rebuild a society that can last.  This is a time
of transition, and it's up to us to decide what survives
the worlwide recession/depression.  Earth First!

Forever Wild,

Shunka WakanNorth Coast Earth First! & NCEF! Media


phone: (707) 822-1513



Privacy Policy:

North Coast Earth First! Media | P.O. Box 4646 | Arcata | CA | 95518-4646

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