Higher pay wages for North Carolina involuntary servants

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Individuals in the NC prison system, whether duly convicted, or falsely convicted are working for rates of .40, .70, and 1.00 a day for tasks that range from washing pots and pans to actually keeping the prison from falling apart in the maintenance dept. Even if you're lucky enough to get a chance to work in the various factories then you may make $10 or $11 per week. When money is given out and an inmate gets to the canteen (prison store), they are forced to make very serious life decisions. For instance, if a janitor is being paid .40 a day, when payday comes he has a grand total of $2.80; which then has to be spent on hygiene products, food, stamps, or maybe some minutes on their phone. All of which can not possibly be obtained, though each are quintessential to focus on true rehabilitation of the individual. It is quite simple to increase the pay rates by allotting a higher percentage of the money already being produced by the numerous industries the state facilitates.  Soap, meat, and furniture plants are quite lucrative for the state of North Carolina, along with the many other plants being utilized for millions in state profit, this can be one portal to which inmates can be properly compensated.

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