N C Law changes needed for Grandparents rights due to the opioid crisis

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Myself and thousands of other Grandparents need your support in urging state legislators to introduce a new law that allows Grandparents in the state of NC to be able to petition the court system to excercise the right to custody of their biological and legal grandchildren should both parents become abusive and or negligent to their children due to the opioid, herion and methamphetamne crisis that has gripped out Great Nation. Thousands of young children are affected by horrific situations on a daily basis and they have no one to turn to. On a personal note I have hired and spoken with several Attorneys who have tried to help. I have been in and out of both State and Tribal court trying to get my grandchildren to safety, and unless the children are pretty much at deaths door, the courts will not/cannot do anything. The parents are given the children back too quickly when they are taken and usually end up back in the same situation which only harms the children worse. Social Services goals are to keep the families together and I agree if that is possible, by all means, let’s do it. However the guidelines they are required to use are much to rigid in favor of the parents instead of the children. Let’s come together folks and see if we can change some of these laws and or create new ones that show favor to the ones who need it. Our nations future, and Our children. We owe them that. Thank you.

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