Stop Shopping at Zara

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The large fast fashion company, Zara has repeatably been accused of engaging in unethical labor practices, a trope common with many fast fashion brands. They were accused in 2013 of taking advantage of slave labor in Argentina. Recently, people have found notes in their clothes, from unpaid laborers making clothes for the company, asking for help. Inditex, Zara's parent company worked with an unethical factory owner which then in turn allowed clothes that unpaid laborers made to end up on the shelves in Zara for customers to buy. Not only that, but Zara has been slammed multiple times for creating clothes that many consider racially insensitive. By boycotting Zara we can show that we do not accept the general carelessness they conduct themselves with. We can take away profits from this company and dismantle their power. Before signing the petition you are also encouraged to do more of your own research and truly learn about why this company needs to be taken down.