City of Wanneroo- Declare a Climate Emergency

City of Wanneroo- Declare a Climate Emergency

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Started by Aiden Campbell

The City of Wanneroo is built up of approximately 200,000 people that consists of children, teenagers, adults and elderly, all in which will be victims in the consequences of the climate crisis if we don't start making drastic action NOW! 

It is time that the council declared a climate emergency. This being a bold response, highlighting that climate change is real and demonstrating that the council is willing to help commit and work towards fighting one of the biggest threats against humanity.

The climate crisis, is a problem on a global scale but with a small action and declaration from the council will help send a message to the state and federal government to also declare a climate emergency and work harder on its commitments to reducing carbon emissions, to stop global warming, and factors such as plastic which is destroying the environment. 

City of Wanneroo declaring this emergency you are also committing to;

More support for Climate Events,

Renewing and strengthening our commitment to climate action in reference with the Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Strategy 2016-2020

An increase in Climate Propaganda,

Encouraging more public transport, walking, riding and reduction on electricity,

Council events being environmentally friendly and

Helping in educating younger children ( primary and high schools ) about climate change and how to they can help ( so showing how putting their rubbish in the bin can make a massive difference and how using electricity when not needed, will help the environment  )

City of Wanneroo, it's time to declare a climate emergency! Help us take local action to save our environment, our future, our country!


825 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!