Change R.A. McMath’s Views On Dress Code

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Recently at McMath, a grade 12 student was approached by staff and was told to cover up, as she was “showing too much shoulder.” This comment has sparked outrage among students of all grades, and this petition was then created in hopes of prompting McMath staff to question their reasons for their current dress code, and how it contributes to sexualization of the female body.  In talking to many students, never has one stated that shoulders were a “distracting” body part, and therefore students around the globe feel very misunderstood, and often uncomfortable with the dress code standards placed on them. Seeing how this comment is not the first of its kind to be made in high schools across BC, it is about time something was done in effort to change the purpose of dress codes, and to find new ways to monitor school attire without having to worry about “showing too much shoulder.” Shoulders are not sexual. Once this petition is closed, the petition will be then given to a member of McMath administration, and our views will be heard, and hopefully understood. Thank you all for your continuous support!