Scrap the Dangerous Dog Breed Ban

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As most of you will know, more dogs are being added to the list of dangerous breeds when realistically it’s all to do with how the dog is raised by its owner. All dogs are born loving and caring, yet as they grow older, they react to how they are treated by the owner. 

I know of several Doberman, Staffordshire terriers, pit bulls and many other “dangerous” dogs and to be quite honest they are some of the softest breeds I have ever met. 

Ideally what we should be doing is getting rid of the ban list and instead replacing it with a “dangerous owner” list as the owner depicts how the dog will be. So many people are abusing and neglecting their dogs and many other pets too and then either leaving them at a shelter or leaving them outside never to be bought home again. 

At the end of the day, if you have a dog, you have a family member for life. These animals will never abuse or neglect you so why do we abuse and neglect them? This needs to stop. 

I want to see as many signatures on this as humanly possible so we can start saving more dogs lives instead of banning and euthanising them because the owner messed up and they are now seen as dangerous.