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By breeding ligers, the life of the mother tigress is endangered because the cubs are often too large for natural birth and the mother has to undergo a Caesarian section. Also, ligers have a much shorter life span as well as many cubs dying shortly after birth due to a high rate of birth defects. These animals are often sterile, which is something that does not happen naturally. This practice is not beneficial to the animal and comes with many risks. As the tiger population dwindles in the Myrtle Beach Safari Wildlife Reserve their efforts should be focused on helping the tigers get better and reproduce naturally with their own breed. As opposed to visiting "sanctuaries" like this visit real sanctuaries that focus on helping animals who are sick and allow them to actually live like animals should, not how they are forced to live in captivity.

Humans cannot play God and mate two different breeds together. This is something that is up to nature. Sometimes these animals can even grow to be too large for their own good. Ligers do not stop growing until death, which poses obvious implications. Also, lions and tigers have conflicting characteristics, which can lead to depression. For example, one species loves the water, while the other doesn't. 

Letter to
Myrtle Beach Safari Wildlife Reserve
Stop cross breeding lions and tigers.
By breeding tigers with lions, this is not only harmful for the mother tigress who is being forced to breed with a lion but it is harmful for her babies as well. This is not natural for the animals and it has its implications. The risk of genetic diseases and cancers increases with these hybrids. Instead of trying to crossbreed, you should try and help improve the lives of the tigers. Please reconsider how you choose to increase the population of tigers in your safari. Think about the well being of the tigress and baby cubs that are being harmed by this practice.

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