Raise the minimum first aide/AED safety requirements in all hotel, condo and resorts.

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Faith Wahl
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The goal of reaching out to the media is to use your platform to advocate for change on raising the minimum standards of safety coast wide, state wide and country wide. The loss of a life because of not being adequately equipped and trained is unacceptable and will be a top priority in our future vacationing plans. 

A group of 5 mom’s planned a care free, no responsibility vacation entering the Beach Colony Resort in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on; Sunday, June 2nd.

They were greeted with a lost reservation, a promise of a room upgrade, that was not delivered and then roaches in the condo. Four of the five mothers approached the front desk, as they were describing the very bumpy start to a relaxing trip they were interrupted by a soaking wet young boy politely asking for help because his brother was drowning in the pool. Quickly, two of the Mother’s sprang into action running towards the pool with the other 2 mothers not far behind in action. 

As they entered the indoor pool area, there were no adults in sight and the body of what appeared to be an older male hunched over was sunken to the bottom of the 6 1/2 foot pool. 

With zero hesitations, all four Mother’s sprung into action utilizing their God given skill set. 

One of the moms dove into the pool and grabbed the young boys arm but could not lift him. A second mom jumped in and they tried together but were unsuccessful. A third mom loudly shouted for male assistance. Two male maintenance worked ran into the pool area and were urged to help.They joined forces and jumped in and were able to successfully pull him out of the water. Two mothers immediately began chest compressions, switching off to conserve energy, one mother called 911 and kept the lines of communication open and the fourth mother removed a very young child to preserve her innocence. 

The mother relaying to 911 ran throughout the facility looking for an AED/Defibrillator box which was later determined does not exist on the resort grounds, nor does it on the resorts next to the Beach Colony. 

These mothers fought hard for this child’s life for 7 mins before EMT was on scene. His mother entered the scene where we learned the boy was 11 years old; their hearts sank as he was unresponsive with each compression. 

These mothers hearts weighed very heavy. With no contact from the hotel staff or management they reached out to learn that the mother of the boy wanted to meet them and immediately accepted and learned the family was still on the resort. 

All 6 mothers embraced in an emotional encounter and will forever have a place for each other in their hearts. 

In loving memory of Trenton, we ask that everyone, all humans, stand together and NOT accept the bare minimum safety and training measures in ALL hotels, resorts, condo, ect. 

It should be a requirement that these establishments should have proper first aide with AED equipment on site, inspected regularly, and at minimum two trained staff members at all times with consistent training and refreshers. 

Do not accept the bare minimum. Join these mothers movement and be an advocate for all fellow humans!

Please sign, share and spread the word for “Trenton’s Law”.