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A post on Facebook today had me livid and I felt compelled to start a petition.

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Yesterday I was at the post office and heard the familiar sound of newly hatched chicks. They were calling out from inside a pair of cardboard boxes on the counter. No mama. No food. No water. Yes, the shipping of live, day-old baby chicks is a booming business in the States. I noted that the boxes had a website address for Here's what the company has to say about the ordeal the chicks go through:

"When you get them home, be prepared: one or two may have died in shipping or may be on their way out. Some chicks are born less hardy than others and can't withstand the stress and cold temperatures involved in transporting them around the country. Most hatcheries, in fact, prepare for that by including an extra bird or two for free. Care for the weak birds as best you can, and bury the dead..."

The site goes on to warn parents not to open the boxes in front of their children because of the trauma of seeing dead and dying baby animals....

It's quite hard to believe that this business is perfectly legal.

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