MyMusicTaste, bring back the daily diamonds feature

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After MyMusicTaste recently changed their diamonds system, users no longer gain 15 diamonds per daily message. 

The only way to increase them now, is to get other people to 'make' through your campaign link, thus making it pretty much impossible for MMT users, who don't have a large social media following/friends with the same taste in music, to gain diamonds and improve their Top10 TasteMaker ranking.
This change encourages soliciting MakePoints, ''make for make'', asking friends for help, who don't even plan on attending the concert and similar abusive behaviours, that would harm the campaign's success. 

There are many people, who put a lot of effort into bringing their favorite artists to their countries. Some of us have worked on their campaigns for a long time, relying on the daily missions only.
Please don't make those people's efforts go to waste and don't encourage abusing the system. 
We would like to continue using this website with fair and equal chances to improve our ranking, which is not possible under the current circumstances.

With this, we'd like to ask MyMusicTaste to bring back the daily diamonds feature, so that everyone has a fair chance and no one's put at a disadvantage.