End Racism and Segregation at MRU Student House


End Racism and Segregation at MRU Student House

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Musie Kebede Gizaw started this petition to Mykolas Romeris University

Please read this carefully. If by any means affected one way or another with similar circumstances, sign it with no doubt and with confidence. Show support of the initiative by signing this petition. 

I am a first-year master's student at MRU majoring in Social Work with Youth & Children. With being inspired by other passionate social servants, I chose the university due to the targeted field of study. I believed I would learn, practice, and get involved in social activities with the university. I am satisfied by how the Faculty of human and social studies communicate academically with me (as part of the learning process).

Nevertheless, I am utterly disgusted with how the accommodation system is handled at Didlaukio 57. I am one of the few people who have traveled well in the Baltic's to tell my story; trust me, this needs foundational change: the issue of segregation and racism. 

Racial segregation: is the practice of restricting people to certain circumscribed areas of residence and facilities based on race or alleged race.

Racism: the marginalisation or oppression of people of color based on a socially constructed racial hierarchy that privileges white people.

Event Timeline: I came to Didlaukio 57 on 19 Oct. I met the administrator; she allocated me a flat for three people even if I wanted and needed to be in a two-person room. I was told there was only a three-person room left in the building, far from the fact. I conceded with it and started the week. After three days, I discovered another shocking event: that brown/black people face segregation. Why?? No one has the answer! 

Following the first week, I met the responsible person at the building security check, asked me for an entry card, and showed him. All was good, I entered. But that same day, there were "white people" behind me, bypassing and getting into the building. I thought it is "fine"; maybe I am new. Time goes by; after three weeks, the same guy asked me to show him the entry card else he won't let me in. I have to show again, but other non-black students?! Not a problem! "Am I a criminal or what?!" - that was the thought in my head. It happened four times after this event.

Today (6 Dec 2020), with another security personnel - I faced the same discrimination. I was with my friends from Iran and Ukraine. Before entering the building, I shared my stories with them and the issue in the student house. So, I told them if they will believe it or not? They said, "NO, WE NEVER EXPERIENCED THIS BEFORE." I told them, seeing is believing. I asked them if they want to see that: they agreed. So, they left ahead of me and entered the building: then I followed. 

The following is what happened: they entered without any question, but I was asked to take out the entry card, show, and was asked even - "Do you live in this building?" 

It is unfair!!!!

The secret of success in a multicultural environment is destroying individuals' prejudices toward one another rather than separating them to handle assumed conflicts or misunderstandings. That is only possible by raising awareness among students living in the dormitory through multicultural education and events. Another solution is to value that: Each individual should accept differences, and the university should hire people who keep an eye on this value and work towards it. 

P.S. I will no longer live in this building after the end of the first semester, but I care about the people hurting and for the students to come in the days to come. 



This petition made change with 31 supporters!

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