End LGBTQ* Discrimination from MyKawartha.com

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MyKawartha.Com has recently published an article, linked below, titled: "The Bible is quite clear: The LGBTQ+ lifestyle is not in God's will, reader argues"

There is no place for this. There is no defending this opinion. The publisher has no right to play devil’s advocate with the rights of human beings. Giving a voice to those who would seek to remove constitutionally protected rights of Canadian citizens is unconscionable. There can be no place for this type of rhetoric in any form of media landscape in today's society.

In Canada, we live in a society where the equal rights of LGBTQ* persons is protected by our laws, constitution, and by morality. In this case, the highest laws of the land clearly and stringently define that there is no place for moral and legal relativism when it comes to the equality of all people in Canada, regardless of their sexual or gender orientation.

As a secular society that places value in legal morality above one interpretation of a version of religious views, we must cease giving credence to those who do not conform to this rule of public life. 

Join me in waging an all out war on this media outlet and publication. I demand:

-a full withdrawal and removal of the opinion piece

-a written apology from the newspaper and editor

-a guest column from an LGBTQ* human rights expert 

Failing this, I will demand a resignation of the editor of the newspaper. Friends - join me by signing this petition, addressed to the editors, writing your own letters to the editor, and reporting this article across social media. We must end discriminatory rhetoric in the media. We must protect the rights of all People. 

FYI: https://www.mykawartha.com/opinion-story/8862879-the-bible-is-quite-clear-the-lgbtq-lifestyle-is-not-in-god-s-will-reader-argues/