Rescue ECOL the 3 Year Old Elephant Calf From The Circus & Return To Her Mother

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ECOL the elephant calf was born at The Rostov zoo in January 2017 the product of irresponsible breeding by the zoo as ECOL's father YOMA and her mother CINTA are half siblings both being fathered by the same elephant bull Ankhor..

ECOL was so named as she was born during “The Year of Ecology”

The Rostov Zoo have now sold ECOL at just 3 years old to the notoriously abusive Big Moscow State Circus owned by the cruel Zapashnyh Brothers, where she will undergo brutal training followed by a torturous life

Here is a link to some undercover footage showing the horrors animals are subjected to in the “Big Moscow State Circus”

In the wild female elephant calves remain with their mothers and family for life, the bond is as close if not closer than the bonds human children share with their mothers and family. To tear a child away from her mother at just 3 years old is unconscionable! ECOL is the human equivalent of a 3-year-old toddler, try to imagine the fear and bewilderment she will feel in being separated from her mother at such a tender age. ECOL’s mother CINTA will also be grieving her loss in the same way as a human parent would. The circus is no place for animals nor for any elephant as by their very nature they are unable to meet an elephants complex physical and emotional needs and the well documented cruelty required to force elephants to perform is not something any civilised society should be prepared to tolerate in the modern world

1.We call upon the Russian government to show their compassion by ordering that ECOL be immediately returned from the circus to her mother at the zoo and that furthermore she never be relocated to another circus in the future

2. We call upon the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) to immediately intervene in this situation to assure ECOL's safety and well being and to ensure that Rostov Zoo’s membership of the organisation in any capacity is terminated

Thank you.