Regulation of Online Games of Skill in India

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Simply put, due to the rapid rise of gaming operators in various skill-based games like Poker, Rummy, and Fantasy Sports - it is crucial to have laws and guidelines in place to regulate 'Online Games of Skill' in India.

It’s of vital importance for the protection of us, the players, as well as all stakeholders to have formal authoritative intervention (regulation) in games where real money is involved.

While actions speak louder than words, actions in high numbers get heard. We, the players, can see this as our responsibility just as much as we expect it to be anybody else’s.


Government has complete oversight

A safer market for skill gamers

A fair and trustworthy environment for players

Better protection of the integrity of games

Better detection of problems, issues and more

Standard rules across all platforms

Added tax revenue which can be further invested in infrastructure for sports and or other deserving areas

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