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Stop killing Rohingya people in Myanmar. Give them living right.

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Violence on Rohingya people in Myanamar be just stopped. The state should ensure their right of living. Ms Aung San Suu Kyi is known to the world for her struggle for democracy, now she has been elected to the govwrnment in that country. However, her voice for these people is yet to be heard a loud. These people for years have been fleeing their own land to be appeared somewhere as illegal entity if they survive the fleeing route, like hundred heads in a small human driven boat. 

In last few days the violence on them got accelerated, reports say, thousands killed, and thousands fleed. Media allege it,  ethnic cleansing, and the also they refer the UN comments on the matter ( the links bellow pls be read). 

Inhumane! In their own land, they are being killed.And they are minority there. If militancy gets accosiated with it, the reason be find out, and if the militancy has been the only reason for army action, the aspect  ethnic cleansing at the UN level would not be heard. 

 Please follow the links, or just google the matter


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