Make my sister clean her room

First, it is not dirty, it is messy. There are very different words with very different meanings. Second, I already have to clean my room by the end of this week and you knew this. Third, I have cleaned my room on numerous occasions, it has gotten messy quickly after, however it is incorrect to state that it has not been clean in 3 years. Fourth, the cousins are now messaging me about this SLANDEROUS petition. Fifth, you decided to make this amidst a global pandemic and nationwide riots, so your priorities are obviously skewed. Sixth, I have asked you to come and sit in my room while I clean so I don't get bored and you have RUDELY refused various times. I believe this is adequate information on how your petition is misleading and will shortly be contacting to REMOVE this post. Thank you.

Shayla Gold, San Diego, CA, United States
1 year ago
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