Forest. . .

Forest. . .

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my shift suprevisors and managers

Why this petition matters

Started by Hayley Cowan

Forest won't wear pants.

His favorite color is green.

He works at the Issaquah Target.

He lives in a nudist colony.

He orders an impossible sandwich and a tall glass of water, no ice, no straw.

He told me I have an ASMR voice and should start a YouTube channel and then told me a few days later that he recognized my voice through the drive through...

He tried to get my friend to join the colony with him... She's 50. 

He also asked me to join, and I'm a minor :D 

I can't listen to one of my favorite songs anymore since it's called Forest and I have traumatizing flashbacks...

I can't eat, drink or sleep after interacting with him.

7 have signed. Let’s get to 10!