My partner out of a prison sentence

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Dear sir/ madam,

I write this letter with emense disappointment, my husband has been arrested with the charge of: possession of firearm, he was forced to do so, he has been honest from the beginning and gave the details of the owner of the firearm and explained his fear for him. After doing so the courts have used this and arrested the guy, so they took notice of what information my partner provided. But they failed to understand that my partner was not involved and was forced to hold the firearm and they have used all his kindness on him and are suggesting he is the partner or something of the guy. The guy has threatened me and our child plenty of times, hence my partners act that took place and I am terrified now because I have been informed that the case would be co- defendant meaning they would stand in Court together. Now the man does not have proper proof that my partner snitched but he has threatened mine and our sons safety. But because they will stand together in court he would find out that he snitched. I am shaking with fear for this to take place. My partner is a kind, honest and caring individual and none of this should be taking place.  I write this letter with only anger. This is an outrage, whether or not you guys believe us, yous are messing with someone’s life, my husband and I have provided the details of who the gun belongs to and yous were able to take that information and arrest the guy, but you do not believe him when he says he was threatened. Now that it is co- defendant my husband will be in front of him and admitting that he snitched on him. The guy was unable to act all this time because he didn’t have solid proof that My partner snitched. Our death is at your hands, I am terrified for myself and our son, I honestly cannot believe the justice system, yous just use and abuse whoever you want. My husband has been honest since day one and you have used everything against him. So much for the police protecting us, this is what they planned from the beginning, and for what ? For a raise or a bonus, it’s a joke, never mind how the innocent are affected. I promise you either myself, our son or my partner would get hurt eventually by The guy or his friends and we could even be killed and I can promise you one thing- you will have a riot on your hands to the court and police when this takes place. We planned to leave once his proven not guilty- but this seems unlikely now that the court and police are so vindictive. Please I need everyone’s help so see justice,  my husband is innocent and our child is suffering deeply he has stopped eating and cries for him all the time, as well as my mother in law- she has a severe illness and has been bed bound because since my husband has left all she’s done is stress and made herself ill. Please I’m losing my mind with worry, I need help! Please share and sign!