let Jo spend a week in melbourne before uni starts

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hey guys my name is Jo and I need your help to convince my parents that I deserve to spend a week in Melbourne before uni starts. why does this matter? well, because recently I was told by my parents that I cannot continue my study in Australia and that I should move uni. I am an international student. so when I went back to my home country, I left without the knowledge that I will not be able to continue my study in Australia. this is an extremely tough decision for me but for what it's worth, I decided to obey what my parents said. but doing so comes with a favour, I need them to let me go back to Melbourne to spend time with my friends and say our proper goodbyes. I tried talking to them but they didn't think all this 'friend-thing' matters a lot  -but it does, to me. so I need your help and support to show my parents that this is a thing worth doing. thanks a lot guys.

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