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The Right to use our names freely on Facebook without punishment, harassment or bullying!

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A Facebook notice was sent to me asking me to verify my name that I am known by because someone reported my name and had an issue with my name. This is something that has happened to thousands and thousands of Facebook members. . I am who I am. My Paternal Grandmother named me my entire name before most of you were ever born. My name is Apachewolf. Facebook was not concerned with my Maiden vs Married names. They were only concerned with,  "my name as MY friends know me" yet Facebook asked me for governmental ID. Facebook is not a governmental agency or anything like that. They are a private company with a public platform...a Social Media that makes a lot of money off of our Facebook pages... Millions. Yet Facebook wants me and others to send them copies of our personal much as it is hacked. I will not nor will I change my name to another name to satisfy Facebook's bullying, harassment and punishment.  Facebook leave my name as is or I will look into legal matters. As a matter of fact leave everyone's names alone! My name is a sacred expression of who I am and who my Native American Grandmother named me to be. I have had this name on here since 2008/9. A woman that I do not know that is not a friend of mine...reported my name like I am hidden and a secret from the world. I am Apachewolf (a Black Indian whether Facebook or anyone likes it or not)!  Facebook  doesn't have my permission to change my name and I have not signed any of their documents to do so.  This person IS NOT A FRIEND OF MINE OR THEY WOULD KNOW MY NAME!! SHE Has an open case in Tennessee where she stalks people and harass them. I am asking Facebook to deal with this issue. I will not be bullied by anyone. I am not a victim. I fight back. I would appreciate it if this matter of my name is left alone.

Thank you kindly for your support, Apachewolf 

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