My mother is a retired Uyghur medical doctor. Free her from China's Concentration Camp!

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Dr. Gulshan Abbas confirmed detained after missing for 21 months

Couple days after I started this petition, we learned thru Radio Free Asia Uyghur Service that she is detention.

“We don’t know anything more on mom,” she told Bitter Winter. “They didn’t give out any other information, just that they’ve seen papers circulating in the hospital about her detention. Different people have been trying to get information about her several times before, without success. This news came a couple of days after I started a petition for the release of my mom. There are also two urgent actions for her release by Amnesty International, one in UK and one in the US. My plea to the international community remains the same: please, help me raise awareness on her case, and sign the petitions for her. Together we are stronger, each signature will take me one step closer to mom!”

Ziba Murat
2 months ago