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End of austerity cuts for emergency NHS and police services

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On Sunday afternoon we witnessed an appalling scene....a cyclist was lying face down in the middle of a busy dual carriage way, on the narrow central reservation, with blood pouring from her head.  Two people were with her and an ambulance had been called. The accident happened outside our local Waitrose. We parked our car in the supermarket car park as intended, and ran to help, since traffic was still speeding from the nearby roundabout into the two lanes where the accident had occurred.My husband took out a highly visible yellow jacket from the back of our vehicle and began to wave it to slow the traffic down and create one lane.  After 15 minutes (!) there was still no sign of either an ambulance or a police husband continued to help control the speeding traffic. Then I spotted a police car on the roundabout and waved to attract attention.The car sped over, but explained that they were on their way to another call. Minutes later a second car arrived and this one pulled in to survey the scene. Twenty minutes had now gone by and STILL no ambulance.We could all observe that the cyclist was alive but she was nevertheless bleeding constantly. I was upset that an ambulance still hadn't arrived and a policeman came over to reassure me that one had been called but that in actual fact THERE WASN'T ONE AVAILABLE!!!!!!!!!......I am totally shocked by this ambulance finally arrived to deal with this girl 30 minutes after the accident. We do not know whether she survived the accident. Many observers besides ourselves were wholly appalled by the seemingly slow response of both police and ambulance service, but the responsibility for this lies SOLELY with the Tory government who have imposed such stringent cuts that people's lives in situations like the above (Grenfell?) do not seem to matter. We want our public services back because our lives matter. Please petition!

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