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Petitioning My local Humane Society

I am petitioning for them to spare Archie the pit bulls life.

EDIT: Thanks to the efforts of everybody that signed this petition, Archie has been saved!!! He is receiving the attention and care he finally deserves and has a full and happy life ahead of him! THANK YOU TO EVERYBODY THAT SIGNED! 

Archie is a beautiful adult pit bull, who has had a tough life. He was adopted from the same humane society he is in now, but was returned because he made a bad guard dog. Archie was returned because he is too quiet. As such, he is terrified in the place he is, and snapped at ONE person. Only one show of any possible aggression, and the thought of euthenization is already on the table. I am creating this petition to show to the humane society in a last bid to save Archies life.

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  • My local Humane Society

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