Petition Update

Lets Give This One Last Push

Moira Jilani
East Jerusalem, Palestinian Territories

Jun 15, 2012 — 
Thanks to you on June 11th the world remembered Ziad Jilani and demanded Justice. See pictures form vigils around the world here. Two years after his execution in broad daylight Ziad's story was covered on Israeli Television.

On Sunday, June 17th, three days before Israel's state attorney announces whether he has decided to press charges against Ziad's killer or to continue to sanction the killing of innocent people. Moira Jilani and her daughters will deliver the petition as well as a message from the memorials around the world to Yehuda Weinstien. To make sure that Yehuda Weinstien knows that the world is watching whether or not he presses charges against Ziad's killer lets give the petition one last push! SHARE the petition with your friends!