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Help Me Get My Wings Back!

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My name is Davionne Jackson and I am requesting to be reinstated back into my former position at Delta Airlines. February 27th, 2016, after returning from MBJ, I was taken into custody by Atlanta Police Department for a warrant for me to be extradited to Wisconsin. The trip I worked was actually my last Access Day, and I assumed that this problem would be resolved quickly. Well, the problem went on for 16 days and then carried on for an additional 89 days.

I was made aware of the charges and I was told I would have to prove my innocence in a jury trial. I soon realized that not only had I been placed in jail for a falsified crime, but that I was also losing everything I had dreamed of and worked hard for. After finding out that there were letters being sent to my apartment in Atlanta, I was relayed a message that I had been terminated.

After asking questions about my termination, I learned that it was because I had not responded to Delta's notarized letters that were sent. This put me under more stress and made me realized that I was starting to lose everything. My life, my home, and now my dream job was gone. I kept in contact with my FSM Rakesh Nayar and he told me to get through my current situation.

Well, I did get through it and I actually started to create a positive outcome for myself. In fact, I was acquitted June 9th, 2016 of the charges after appearing in court for jury trial. Although, I learned I lost things that were precious to me I realized I just won my life back. Now, I want to try to gain back what I worked hard for.

I am starting this petition in hopes that I can continue to live out my destiny and go back to serve as a Delta Airlines Flight Attendant. I took pride in what I did, and I wouldn't take the same pride anywhere else. I am requesting everyone at Delta who knew me well to simply petition for me to return. I want you all to help me regain my place in my flight attendant uniform. 


Please share and help me get back into the air with the one airline I miss flying for! 

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