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Started by Ruth Haas

My fellow Americans,

My children were taken from me by a bribed Judge. The Judge ignored over 100 pages of evidence – child abuse records, marriage counselor records, affidavits from Professionals – that my husband ABANDONED his children for up to six years – no visits, no phone calls, no financial support (Husband is rich!). It states in the records that my husband tried repeatedly to give up his children for ADOPTION but I refused to consent. Husband has substantiated child abuse and domestic abuse. All this is documented and posted on my website

Why did a man who obviously hates his children, threw them away to avoid paying child support suddenly after six years demand custody? Because my children inherited TRUST FUNDS that go to whoever gets custody. This was stated by me and two other witnesses. Even though by law and court order my husband must show me the Trust Funds, he refused – and the Judge refused to order my husband to give me the Trust Funds!

In the history of the universe, no Judge had the chutzpah to take custody away from a loving devoted mother and give custody to a man who abandoned them and tried to give them up for adoption and who has substantiated child abuse and domestic abuse. In the history of the universe, no man just got away with not showing his assets in a divorce – especially when the Trust Funds are his motive in seeking custody of children he had no contact with for years.

I presented to the Judge evidence (hospital records) that my children are being currently abused. There is evidence of molestation as well. The Judge admitted on the record, “I have children that are suffering…These children are in serious, serious jeopardy.” But the Judge refuses to remove my children from Danger and leaves them with the child abuser!

This is why 175 children were murdered by FATHERS in contested custody cases in a two year period. Please google “How many more children have to die?” by Barry Goldstein. These corrupt and/or incompetent Judges have blood on their hands.

Please save my children who are in imminent danger and are being irreparably harmed by a man labeled a Sociopath by many Professionals. Please sign the petition!

Corrupt Courts are a threat to us all. You too can lose you children, your property, your freedom, even your life to a corrupt Judge. Corrupt Courts are a threat to Democracy itself. Please sign my Petition!

Mrs. Ruth Haas

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This petition had 15 supporters

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