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My family shouldn't be dead. Police MUST act on breaches of intimate AVO's to avoid families like mine being murdered.

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My family was horrifically stabbed to death on my 33rd birthday. It was unimaginable - my sister’s husband viciously murdered their two little kids along with my dad.

Neung was responsible for the murders- he  was manipulative, abusive and threatening. He should have been in jail . He’d breached the AVO(Apprehended Violence Order that he must stay away from my sisters house) only 2 weeks before the murders and my Dad reported that breach yet there was no arrest. On the days of the murders a violent and horrific breach was reported at 7am and yet he  charged into my sister’s home at 1.33pm with a knife - and killed. All these steps I have outlined in my book of my story Killing Love how I have asked for help and changes again and again.

Malee was only 4 and little Bas had just turned 1. They were gorgeous kids - I loved being their “Auntie Becky”.  My brave father died trying to protect his beloved grandchildren.It is so painful - they’re dead and they shouldn’t be.

This was 13 years ago. Yet the horrific domestic violence murders are only getting worse. Deaths are reported every week. Every new death breaks my heart.

100 % of reported breaches on intimate AVOS/IVO'S(against ex partners) must see perpetrators in jail- if not loved ones will continue to be killed at the hands of these cowardly criminals.

I am pleading with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Police commissioner Andrew Scipione to ensure that ALL women in violence seeking help from police are given it and that if abusers breach an AVO (Apprehended Violence Order) they go to jail so they can't kill.  

I’ve lost a part of myself that I can’t get back - but I can stop others going through my pain. Please help.

Thank you

PS you can find more details of my proposed policy changes my charity The Poulson Family Foundation 



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