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Diezel is my baby German Shepherd that we adopted One year and a half ago. He has been the highlight of my life for a very long time, and I am heart broken by the recent assumption of a facility. My dog wakes me up each morning to love, as well as everyone in the family or staying with us. It would be one thing if he was mean or cruel and attacked people but he doesn't. He has been in the wrong situation once, and called on by neighbors for things like walking in their yard, and i'm sure many dogs have wandered in others yards. To call him Dangerous is a mistake; he is a sweet, loving, and loyal German Shepherd and we can't let this happen. Please help us!! He grew up with me in an apartment complex, where people loved him all around. He is surrounded by friends ages young to old and never has any problems with them. When we visited him at the facility, he was scared and frightened. There were dogs barking all around him, and he was out of place. When we let him in the feild to play he ran around with us and the patrol officers and was loving and affectionate showing no anger or violence towards anybody. I just don't understand how someone can call him dangerous when clearly he isn't. He also went away to a trainer who was rough on him, and we recently heard from the patrol officer that that guy abuses dogs and is rough with them. When he got home from that trainer is when one minor incident happened where no body was seriously injured. We want to help Diezel, and get him proper training at a safe facility after we win this court case.

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  • My dog Diezel, and St. Charles county MO attempt to put him down

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