My daughter deserves pain-free medication. Abbvie: Expedite pain-free Humira in Australia

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This is Ciera, my beautiful daughter. She lives with Crohn’s disease, a chronic autoimmune disorder. Every week, we are required to administer painful Humira shots just to her to keep her out of the hospital. She has to endure the pain for hours after the injection and suffers extreme anxiety every time before the shot. I’m calling on Abbvie, the pharmaceutical giant to end this delay and expedite their PBS application for pain-free Humira in Australia. 

Abbvie is an American pharmaceutical company that enjoys an incredibly lucrative monopoly of the treatment, Humira, in Australia. It is selling the pain-free formula of the drug in several countries around the world. Despite our desperate pleas, Abbvie has yet to complete the PBS application due to price negotiations with the government

It is distressing to watch my daughter grow up with a chronic disease that presents unique challenges in her everyday life. It is heartbreaking to see her traumatised by the pain and anxiety due to the medication. Every 2 weeks she experiences panic attacks in anticipation of the injection alongside the painful aftermath of the burning and throbbing pain from the highly acidic formula which leaves her inconsolable for hours.

It is devastating that Ciera knows there is a ready-made solution from the same company available in other countries, however not yet available for children in Australia. 

Please join my campaign in demanding Abbvie do the right thing and expedite the PBS application for pain-free formula of Humira in Australia, so thousands of people with autoimmune diseases, including my daughter, can benefit from it.