Fix Hustle Castle Clan War Ladder System

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Hello Hustle Castle players,

I was doing some research into the Clan War Ranking (CWR) and Clan War Bracket (CWB) system through the in game ticket system, I was told for those of you that do not already know the ladder point system is worked out over 120 wars, as each war happens the oldest points scored are dropped off and the latest war points are added, giving you your total score, Therefore you’re only trying to beat your oldest score to progress higher in the rankings. Because of this method, along with the CWB system, it allows for a faulty game mechanic. 

Clans in lower CWB that would never see a strong clan can, if well planned move to first position on the ladder with no clan above their bracket able to have any influence over there results.

This is an issue we have been having for a little while now. For example, Blood Castle and a few clans before them have exploited to there advantage.

I personally have no bad will towards blood castle, they have made the faulty system work for them, which has allowed them to climb into first place with a current lead of over 4000 shields with a clan such as theirs, but...

I believe a better system is required.

e.g. a separate  ladder for each clan bracket, that clans could move up through, on there way to the top bracket to fight for first position, (this is only a suggestion , there could be better fix’s)

i want to get the dev’s to see that there are people who believe the current system is flawed and in need of fixing, there are a multitude of games out there played in a pro-leagues that work very well, I believe with some homework  they could solve the issue very easily.

Let’s make #1 position and the effort ppl and clans go through mean something again...wile making for a fair system for all players and clans

All I’m asking, is if you agree with us, that the way the clan war ladder system is run, needs to be changed to please sign this petition to show the developers we want it changed.

Thank-you for your time.